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Beware of those selling knock off weight loss Holy Teas. Mrs. Miller informed me that there is even an official site that isn’t theirs!

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As a hydrocolon therapist, I wish I had known about this tea, as I feel it is as effective as a colonic. The immune system begins in the gut.  I hope you love this tea as much as I do!

This tasty 5 herb tea, cleans the small intestine, which is where 90% of your nutrients are absorbed — yes, 90% in the small intestines.  As a trained Hydrocolon Therapist, I have never experienced anything that is so effective ,yet so gentle.  I honestly would have never spent the time and money to go to Hydrocolon Therapy School had I known about this amazing tea, as I definitely feel it is as effective as a colonic, and whole a lot less expensive.

Hippocrates said ……”Disease starts in the Colon”…………  A Middle Eastern Proverb I Love Is…….”The colon is the father of Affliction..”

This exceptional product is formulated by Dr. Miller, a PhD with 20 years of satisfied customers.  I’ve been on it for 3 years and my gall bladder disease of 25 years is gone, I’ve lost weight, and at 62 years of age my gut works better today than it ever has.

We aim to please, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

We offer 1-3-6- and 12 month supply.

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