“I am not trying to advertise or sell this product, just wanted to bring it to the board’s attention regarding my use of it.”

“A few weeks ago, I was in TN. due to my father having to have surgery. While I was there, a friend of my mother’s suggested “Holy Tea” to me. A man named “Dr. Miller” (don’t worry, not a LLMD), who has a clinic in the next town from my parent’s, makes & sells the tea.

This Dr. uses all herbs for the tea & does not advertise his product, it is all by word of mouth. He is well known in the area & has helped many people feel better. IMO, most of them are basically full of yeast.

Anyhow, I brought the tea home with me & last week I started using it. Even after 1 1/2 years of a pretty, strict, Candida diet, I am still having issues with yeast. Since starting the tea, the bloating in my stomach has started to go down, I have hardly had any candida issues & my intestines & bowels have been cleared of thick, nasty mucus.

I am not saying this tea is a cure all for Candida, especially systemic candida. I am still following a proper diet & detoxing for yeast but I feel it has given me a big push in helping me rid my body of some much unwanted yeast.