Holy Tea For A Healthy Colon

Holy Tea for a Healthy Colon…

“It was about eight years ago that I started drinking Dr. Miller’s tea. Since then I have had two colonoscopies done by two different physicians. After each procedure the doctor has remarked to me how clean my colon has been. During this eight year period I have not had so much as a common cold. Working in the health field, I have learned that the body must get rid of toxins or else they will be absorbed back into the blood stream and cause many different problems. I have no doubt whatsoever that Dr. Miller’s tea is the key to detoxification of the body.

Also, during this time I have noticed that my skin has a much smoother look and feel and my primary care physician has even remarked that I have the skin of a much younger man. I am a Vietnam veteran and will turn sixty on my next birthday. Many of my comrades in arms have either died or have some really serious health problems. Again, I am totally convinced that Dr. Miller’s tea is the primary reason I am still around and kicking.”
– Dan Record, Henderson, TN

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